Advanced training for pedagogues in daycare and after-school care centres


For pedagogues “Preschool Foreign Language Education – English in Daycare and After-School” we offer an advanced training course which is

  • unimpeded & voluntary
  • practice-oriented & daycare-approved
  • methodically & didactically well-conceived
  • Learning by Doing-approved
  • easy to learn & easy to understand
  • multifaceted & versatile
  • fun, successful & time-proven
  • lasting over a 6-day period (with a possible educational leave)
  • registered with an AT (Advanced Training) ID-number
  • also arrangable as an inhouse team training course

because “a child is a true language genius”!

You will be able to introduce the children of your group to their first English vocabulary via

  • songs, poems, nursery rhymes for dinner and bathing time, short stories, daily instructions & games
  • you will learn to motivate and inspire your children to acquire and test their first foreign words in a multisensory manner
  • our classes are thematically and empirically based on the annual schedule and daily routines in daycare & after-school care centres, such as weather, colours, numbers, seasons, animals, food, et cetera.
  • you will compile a comprehensive work file with handouts, playing & crafting ideas, methodic & didactic advice for planning and approaching your work in daycare & after-school environments
  • we will collectively conceive and learn: …. songs, rhymes, poems, daily instructions, sports games, little stories, plays for everday implementation, memory games, dancing songs, utilising the “Learning by Doing” approach
  • practical exercises with demonstrative video content, in-group evaluation & feedback
  • annual offerings in advanced training for maintaining & refreshing your language skills
  • to provide equal educational opportunities for all children, regardless of their social or ethnic background

Please feel free to contact us if you're interested or eager to learn more about our course schedules, contents and pricing.